Seed Dryers
Drying seeds has always been a delicate operation. Seeds need to be dried at a low temperature to preserve their vigor and their ability to germinate. In dry climates, the use of direct heat provides good quality seeds, but in humid climates, drying seeds with warm, wet air is a very time-consuming and energy intensive process. 

Advanced Dryer Systems, Inc. of Florida has invented a breakthrough system that combines two leading technologies, Dehumidifier Heat Pipes and High Efficiency Heat Pumps, to produce dry air out of wet, tropical air. ADS has perfected the world’s most energy efficient dehumidifier dryer enhanced with heat pipes and has successfully installed them in many Asian countries such as Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Singapore.

The Sequential Bin... To achieve even drying, ADS has developed a special bin that allows sequenced drying and withdrawing of the dried seeds as they reach the desired level of moisture content, thus avoiding over drying and energy waste.

The Results

Peanut Seeds 

Dried in 20 hours, 60% energy savings. (Source: Williston Farms, Florida)

Rice Seeds 

Dried in 18 hours, 50% energy savings. (Source: Bureau of Postharvest Research and Extension, Philippines; Daika Tech, Malaysia).

Soybean Seeds

Dried in 18 hours, 60% energy savings. 90%+ germinability (Source: Test Drying Station, Baoloc, Vietnam)

Corn Seeds

Dried in 18 hours on cob, plus 12 hours for removed kernels, 50% energy saving (Source: Seeds Processor, Thailand; Bureau of Post Harvest Research and Extension, Philippines)


The use of ADS Seed Drying Systems will allow perfect drying of many kinds of seeds, especially in humid, tropical climates. The ADS systems provide precise control over final moisture content, while maintaining a low drying temperature and shortening the drying time.

Company’s Info

ADS provides full engineering and turnkey facility designs, as well as re-engineering and upgrading of existing facilities with improved drying technology. Please contact us for your special project.