Peanut Dryer

The Daika Model DDG 8000 is specifically designed for drying peanuts and seeds It  takes humidity out of the drying air and uses a heat pump cycle to generate drying heat. Drying is faster with very low energy cost in the warm,  humid summer environment. 

The DDG 8000 dryer has a regular LPG back-up burner attached to supplement heat when needed.  During the drying season, about 80% of the drying can be done using the economical heat pump.  The remaining 20% drying in cold days may need the use of back-up propane. In drying farm products such as rice, grass seeds and peanut, the Daika dryers typically save the farmers 30% of their energy bill and reduce drying time 50%.


  • Typical 40% to 50% faster summer drying time

  • Typical 30% savings on cost of energy
  • Less use of expensive propane
  • Provide higher quality products with low temperature drying
  • Work on rainy days just as well as on dry days

This module can be purchased separately to be attached to an existing propane dryer.  Depending on outside conditions, it will work on 3 modes whichever is most efficient and less costly: 

  1. Dehumidifier/dryer only 

  2. Dehumidifier/dryer assisted by burner

  3. Burner only.