DK EL Series (Electric Powered) DK IC Series (IC Engine Powered) Modular Drying Bin

Modular Drying Bin

  • Offer transportability (1.2 m L x 1.2 m W x 2 m H), low cost, and high quality food products.
  • Made of lightweight modules so it can be easily disassembled and hand carried.
  • Can dry 1,250 kg of rice or more if several bins are connected.
  • With a unique cross-flow pattern of inverted channels, superior, uniform grain drying and a minimum air pressure drop are assured.
  • Designed to last many years with no perforated metal to rust and replace.


Unpack, inspect and line up arrows. Bottom module has doors. Top module has no channels. Supply air plenum has pressure meter.

Install bottom module with grain doors on the ground. Then add modules with alternating parallel and perpendicular to air flow. Add supply air plenum and connect the bin set to the Daika5 dryer.