DK EL Series (Electric Powered) DK IC Series (IC Engine Powered) Modular Drying Bin

DK IC Series (IC Engine Powered)

The DK IC is a gasoline or diesel powered stand alone dehumidifier/dryer using advanced heat pipe technology. A small internal combustion engine is used to power a high efficiency heat pump to produce warm, dry air at high pressure for bin drying of various types of grains. Heat from the engine cooling and exhaust is recovered for use as drying heat.

Because of the low temperature used in this process (50C or 120F), the grain quality is entirely preserved.


Capacity 5,000 kg/day in 4 batches of 1250 kg
Drying Time 5 hours per batch
Drying Temperature and Humidity 55C max. at 15% Rh
Dimensions (L x W x H) 110 cm x 83 cm x 70 cm
Gross Weight 160 kg
Gasoline, 4-Cycle Engine 6.5 hp Honda GX Series
Gas Consumption 1.5 liter per hour
Compressor 2 cylinder
High Pressure Centrifugal Blower 2,500 cubic meter per hour